16 Ways You Can Use AI to Make Yourself Richer

16 Ways You Can Use AI to Make Yourself Richer

The global GDP is expected to grow by 16 trillion dollars by 2030 thanks to AI (artificial intelligence); 35% of businesses are using it, and 42% are exploring it.  Artificial intelligence is a great opportunity. Let’s see how others are using it to make money.

Read this article and learn the best 15 ways you can use AI to earn money.

1.  Artificial creativity:

OpenAI’s doll drew a $300 prize-winning picture in Colorado and is now free to view. Artificial intelligence has been discussed as a threat to human creativity.

It’s easy and cheap to make art using words and dollars. On top of that, Google’s counterpart is stronger than the rest. Artificial intelligence can create classical and pop music, buildings, and fiction.

2.  Investments and trading

Financial companies and investors can gain insights from large and complex data sets using reports, news feeds, and books. AI offers outstanding clarity for stock investing, property management, and risk assessment in real-time.

3.  Developing recommendation systems

Most companies and services use recommendation algorithms, including Google, Amazon, Facebook, Netflix, Tinder, and Spotify. They aim to get to know you better by analyzing your crumbs on Tinder. That’s how you stay hooked. They may even know you better than you know yourself.

4.  Creating and manipulating text

As with Google Lambda, even former engineers have been convinced that AI is aware. The text generation and manipulation models are still impressive, aren’t they? GPT3, which generates human-like text, failed the Turing test. Earlier this year, Open AI announced GPT4. GPT4 can generate articles, news reports, tweets, and dialogues.

5.  Manufacturing

Using AI in manufacturing will reduce design time and waste and increase production reuse. Downtime costs thousands of billions of dollars each year. General Motors and Autodesk have developed lighter and stronger seat brackets using artificial intelligence and 3D printing.

6.  Gaming

Open AI has a video of AIS playing games like chess, go, and Starcraft 2. Researchers couldn’t even recognize their moves despite millions of replays. Gaming companies like GTA 5, Deus Ex, and Dota 2 use AI.  With artificial intelligence, even stories are immersive and realistic since they learn from your mistakes and adapt to your play style.

7.  Conversational AIs

Almost everyone knows Alexa, Siri, and Google Assistant. From health to banking to e-commerce, virtual assistants and chatbots are expected to reshape various industries by 2030.

Conversational AI can understand emotions and intent, allowing it to improve customer service, train employees, and optimize sales through chatbots. The result could be a simplified and improved interaction between humans and computers.

8.  HealthCare

Health data, including blood tests, x-rays, genetics, and other data, are fed into AI for diagnosis and treatment.   A highly complex process for identifying and treating cancer uses this.

9.  Self-driving Cars

Auto cars are not just Teslas. Among them are Baidu, GM, NVidia, and Ford. Artificial intelligence tests the safety of autonomous vehicles by simulating real-world scenarios. The car’s cameras feed artificial intelligence.  Deep learning can reduce accidents and improve driver safety until we reach fully autonomous vehicles.

10. Robotics

Sophia, a robot that can recognize faces, gestures, and emotions, even sold a $700,000 art piece made using NFT, which couldn’t exist without AI. Robots can do much more, such as Boston Dynamics’ humanoid robot or a dog robot that can run very fast and even do parkour. Industrial and medical robots use AI to perform physical tasks that humans cannot.

11. IoT devices:

The IoT or Internet of Things Market is a massive market estimated to reach 1.5 trillion dollars by 2030. Companies like Amazon, Oracle, and Microsoft are already making money from AI.

The Internet of Things & Artificial Intelligence extends over several industries such as healthcare, smart farming, and supply chains with AI enhancements. IoT devices include autonomous vehicles.

12. Cybersecurity:

The risk of hacking increases proportionally with digitized everything, but AI can detect threats automatically and respond better than software-driven or manual processes.

For example, Gmail leverages AI to filter out your emails, and by the way, the market for AI-based cyber security products might reach 133.8 billion dollars by 2030.

13. Facial Recognition:

You can tell how you feel about ads and products by your face in real time and what’s happening now. The meta app suggests who to tag in photos based on facial recognition, which many of us use daily. The way Google groups photos of the people you photograph together is very cute, but it’s becoming problematic when they know what you want before you do.

14. Space Exploration:

AI experts at NASA are collaborating with Intel, IBM, and Google. Using artificial intelligence, researchers have already found two new extrasolar planets and are searching for more.

AI is being taught to dodge space junk in orbit by the European Space Agency.  It’s almost like science fiction when AI is applied to space exploration, but since you’ve stuck around here are your well-deserved bonuses.

15. Legal automation:

AI can reduce the chances of lawyers making mistakes and inaccuracies by reviewing vast amounts of legal data. Even automating drafting agreements like NDAs using AI is in its early stages, and we’re still trying to reduce bias. AI could predict litigation outcomes and provide a better risk assessment.

16. Interpreting brain activity:

Our brain has AI, which enables us to interpret brain activity better, as each synapse has 10 000 others.

Using onset deep learning, people can control machines using their thoughts. Using deep learning, prosthetic limbs or robots can be controlled intuitively. It has great potential for brain activity interpretation, but it is new.


While some of these ways to make money through AI are fairly simple, others are more complex. But all of them have the potential to put more money in your pocket if you’re willing to give them a try. So what are you waiting for? Pick one or two of these ideas and give them a shot. You might be surprised at how well they work!

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